What LMC stands for?

LMC stands for la mejor cerveza.

What is the role of LMC on each purchase?

LMC works as an intermediary between breweries and customers.

Why Servicios integrales de Ingenieria Limitada instead of LMC?

Servicios integrales de Ingenieria Limitada is the company that backups LMC and works along with it to provide this services.

Who takes care of the invoice and taxes?

Each brewery is responsible for attaching the correct documentation to each order.

What happends if my order is incomplete or defected?

We will help you to get sort this out so you can get the proper order as soon as possible.

I'm a brewery, how could I sell my products in LMC?

Please, contact us at: info@lamejorcerveza.cl.

API for Developers?

Yes, we are working on an API for all you developers out there. More information soon.